Keeping your Child Healthy in a Supersize World + Special Offer!

In recent years, the number of children struggling with obesity has steadily increased. Approximately 24% of 2-4 year olds are either overweight or obese. However, Oregon has the nation’s lowest rate of overweight children, according

to a 2010 government study.

So, do you really need to worry?

Maybe. Children are living in a supersize world. Developing healthy habits now, will impact them for years to come. Here’s a few tips to consider.

Boost Activity

Children need at least 60 minutes of moderate activity daily, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But it doesn’t have to be organized or complicated. Playing tag, kicking the ball around or visiting your favorite indoor play park for some rainy day fun are simple ways to promote physical activity. JJ Jump provides hours of strenuous activity – and lots of fun!

Avoiding Television Troubles

Reducing screen time may lower your child’s risk for obesity. A study published by the Journal of Pediatrics discovered the rate of obesity rose 2 percent among 12 to 17 years for each additional hour spent watching television.

Plus, the Harvard School of Public Health found the risk of being overweight is four times greater for children who watch five or more hours of television daily – compared to children who watch two hours or less daily.

Also, having a television in the bedroom has been associated with weight issues, even in very young children.

Visit a Portland indoor playground like JJ Jump to burn off excess energy – and assist with decreasing viewing time. Indoor playgrounds are great for no school activities or Portland birthday parties.

Food Temptations

High calorie food is available nearly everywhere your child turns from school vending machines, to fast-food restaurants, to convenience stores. It’s easy to ignore fruits and veggies with so many high-calorie options.

Plus, families are struggling with busy schedules. For some, this means more restaurant dinners, with huge portion sizes and high calorie options. While you can’t control every temptation beyond your four walls, you can provide healthy options at home.

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How are you helping your child cope in a supersize world? Please share by leaving a comment below!